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Recast of the EU Dual-Use Regulation Part II – an Ambitious Draft

In 2014, the EU Commission announced its intention to recast Regulation 428/2009 (“the Dual-use Regulation”), triggering a long process of internal discussion and public consultation. The project now seems to have reached a milestone with a draft proposal from the Commission. In particular, as explained in a previous post, the leaked document foresees the inclusion of a human rights factor…

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EU Commission to take a tough stance on the issue of human rights in the recast of the Dual Use Regulation

The recast of Regulation 428/2009 (“the Dual-use Regulation”), which has been an on-going project for the last two years, now appears to have come to a turning point, with a draft proposal from the EU Commission. The leaked document (link), yet to be formally communicated to the EU Parliament and Council, foresees a range of important changes that should be…

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Export controls as a toolbox for human rights policy

There is an undeniable tendency to use export control regulations for the human rights agenda of the EU and its Member States. The latter enforce their goals, not only by taking advantage of the possibilities under the current export control framework but also by reconstructing this framework towards a human security approach. The crucial question is whether this is a…

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