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L’UE lance une consultation publique sur le règlement anti-torture

La Commission européenne mène actuellement une consultation publique dans le cadre de la révision en cours du Règlement UE 2019/125 du 16 janvier 2019 (Règlement anti-torture). Philippe Zamboni di Salerano et Bert Gevers, Loyens & Loeff | 5 mai, 2020 Le Règlement anti-torture de l’UE reflète l’engagement de l’UE en faveur de l’éradication de la torture et de la peine…

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EU has launched public consultation on Anti-Torture Regulation

The European Commission is conducting a public consultation as part of the ongoing review of EU Regulation 2019/125 of 16 January 2019 (the Anti-Torture Regulation or the Regulation). The EU’s Anti-Torture Regulation reflects the EU’s commitment to the eradication of torture and the death penalty through measures to control and prevent the trade in certain goods that could be used…

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Modernization of the EU export control system: What’s next ? (II)

As discussed in our earlier post on the modernisation of the EU Dual-Use Regulation, it is the revised ‘catch-all’-provision that most worries exporters. The inclusion of human rights criteria, the corner stone of the new ‘human security’ approach in the Dual-Use Regulation, risks to lead to new uncertainties for exporters (and their national regulators).

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Modernization of the EU export control system: What’s next? (I)

In this first post on a new series, we will discuss the most debated topic of the proposal thus far, which is the establishment of specific human rights based controls on cyber-surveillance technologies. By Bert Gevers, Megan Gajewski Barnhill & Jochen Vankerckhoven, 28 October 2016. On 28 September 2016 the EU Commission published its proposal for a modernization of the EU export…

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EU Commission publishes its proposal for the recast of the Dual-Use Regulation

The European Commission published its long debated proposal for the recast of the Dual-Use Regulation. By Olivier Coulon, Bert Gevers & Gerard Kreijen, 29 September 2016 The proposal, which remains close to the draft that was leaked earlier in July, sets out important changes, likely to impact EU businesses.

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EU Commission to take a tough stance on the issue of human rights in the recast of the Dual Use Regulation

The recast of Regulation 428/2009 (“the Dual-use Regulation”), which has been an on-going project for the last two years, now appears to have come to a turning point, with a draft proposal from the EU Commission. The leaked document (link), yet to be formally communicated to the EU Parliament and Council, foresees a range of important changes that should be…

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